101-Step Guide to Creating a SUCCESSFUL Website

You may have seen those completely inadequate 10-step guides to creating a website online.  You may get a functional website if you follow each of the steps, but that is about all you will get.  They are geared more for getting traffic or generating sales for the website owner than they are for actually helping you end up with a successful website.

I decided I would step into the void.

I have created a 101-step guide.  THIS guide will actually walk people through all the basics of creating a website, from the decision to the maintenance.  And, I’m giving it away.  I am more concerned with motivating people to take action than anything else.  Our economy is fundamentally different than it was 10 years ago.  Most 20 to 30-year-old people know that Social Security is going to go broke long before they get anything back.  They know they won’t be able to retire to a life of comfort and ease.  They can recognize a Ponzi scheme when they see it.

But, they don’t know what to do.  Sure, many people are happy-go-lucky or lazy or both and wouldn’t take action if their lives depended on it.  But, some will if they only knew what to do and how to do it.

Now they can know.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a way to generate extra income to mitigate the future economic turbulence, download the free 101-step guide.  Then work through it and send it to everyone you think might benefit.  I wrote it so that it could be given away.  Would I like to see traffic visit my website because of it?  Of course I would.  But, if people are encouraged to take meaningful action because of it, I’ll be content knowing that I helped some folks out.

So, click the link to download the 101-Step Guide to Creating a SUCCESSFUL Website.  No 10-step wishful thinking here.  Download it.  Read it.  Send it to your friends.

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